The 2030 World Cup has 6 host nations celebrating its 100th anniversary.

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The 2030 World Cup has been confirmed to have six nations. From three continents football playing co-hosting roles in celebration of the tournament’s 100th anniversary.

Under the terms of the proposal being discussed at a FIFA meeting on Wednesday, Spain, Portugal and Morocco will officially host the World Cup. But the first three games will be held in Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay in a nod to its roots of South America UFABET 

The move is the result of months of secret negotiations between UEFA. And the South American and African federations. Which reached an agreement before submitting a proposal to FIFA. It is understood the world governing body has given its in-principle support to the idea. That would shorten the lengthy proposal process and has high costs. But it will need to be given the seal of approval at next year’s FIFA Council meeting.

Spain, Portugal and Morocco have considered favorites to win the 2030 hosting rights since confirming their joint bid earlier this year. This will leave football fans in South America heartbroken.

Uruguay and Argentina

announced their intention to join hands to host the 100th anniversary World Cup as long ago as 2017. A romantic proposal when they faced off in the final. The first championship was held by Uruguay and won the championship in 1930. Which later included Paraguay and Chile.

Saudi Arabia also talked with Greece and Egypt last year about submitting a joint proposal, but Saudi Arabia Instead. They are focused on holding the tournament in 2034 and stated earlier this year. That they would withdraw from the previous round.

Under the proposal submitted to FIFA on Wednesday. The first game of the 2030 tournament would be held in Montevideo, honoring Uruguay as champion and host of the inaugural World Cup, with the second game being held in Argentina

Game 3 will be moved to Paraguay in recognition of the country’s position as the birthplace of the South American federation Combebol, but Chile will not host any matches. The remaining games will be held in Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino has fully supported proposals to make 2030 the most diverse World Cup ever.

In this case, all 6 nations will automatically advance to the final round, leaving 42 countries that must pass the qualifying round from a total of 48 nations that will compete in the tournament.