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Summary of last night’s football results, Premier League, Sunday, March 12, with highlights of the match.

English Premier League battle  Yesterday night, there were 4 matches with 3 teams from the top of the table competing. Including Manchester United, Arsenal and Newcastle.

Summary of football results Premier League last night 12 March 2023

Fulham 0-3 Arsenal
(Gabriel 21, Martinelli 26, Odegaard 45+2)

Let’s start at the Craven Cottage field as the visiting team open the game to attack and did better. In the 16th minute, the cannon sent the ball into the bottom of the net first. From the moment Martinelli shot to save Le. Noe flicked Robinson into his own goal, but in the end VAR caught it offside. Even in the 21st minute, the visitors successfully took the lead from the stroke of a corner kick. Trossard opened to the head, Gabriel headed in, then 5 minutes.

Later they received the second ball from the same Torssard’s opening. Come for Martinelli to strike again, the score is 0-2, before the first half of the injury, the old Trossard will open the door to Odegaard, catch the ball down before dressing in to the left, pressing full. Let Arsenal lead 0-3 in the second half, the visiting team relaxes the game while the home side seems to be unable to speed up, making it impossible to add more goals and end the game The leader of the pack stormed to win home in the end.

Manchester United 0-0 Southampton

Again at Old Trafford, the game started as a better host than the hosts until Casemiro was shown a red card for a push-up on Carlos Alcaraz, sent off in the 34th minute. Then it became the away team that was aggressively attacking. Which has many opportunities, especially from Theo Walcott, who both tackles and falls alone But still the shot did not go through de Gea’s hand, the home side had some arguments from Bruno’s long shot, where Bazu Nu rounded the end of his hand to hit the post before the end of 90 minutes without a score. 1 point per team this weekend

West Ham 1-1 Aston Villa
(Benrahma 26 / Watkins 17)

Games at the London Stadium, each side trying to set up their own game. The visiting team focuses on possession of the ball to attack. As for the home team, they retreated to control the zone and waited for the opportunity to use a long ball to counter. It was the visiting team that took the lead from Alex Moreno’s opening stroke, Ollie Watkins headed in the 17th minute, but after 9 minutes, the home side received a penalty and it was Said. Benrahma, who still divides sharply After that, each side had more chances to win more goals, but couldn’t finish the score, resulting in a 1-1 draw.

Newcastle 2-1 Wolves
(Isaac 26, Almiron 79 / Huang 70)

In the end, at St. James Park, the picture of the game was quite fun. Both parties took turns finding a rhythm to win the score, and the hosts took the lead first from Trippier’s opening stroke for Alexander. Isaac made a beautiful header in the 26th minute. After which the visiting team tried to speed up the game, but until the equalizer had to wait until the 70th minute, Premier League plus it was Salika Dong’s own mistake from where the ball seemed to be nothing. But trips Pier instead slip the ball into Hwang Hee Chan, in front of the goal, had a clear shot. But then Newcastle came to a great point from Miguel Almiron, a substitute who slipped into the penalty area on the starboard side. Before spinning with the left, inserting the window into a winning goal in the 79th minute. Allowing them to grab 3 important points, continue to hijack the top 4 area.