Manchester United block Heaton end up in Luton Town.

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Manchester United may only have one senior goalkeeper on their pre-season tour. Recently, team football manager Eric Ten Hag chose to block second-hand Tom Heaton not to move out. But with the first hand, David de Gea take what you like.

Telegraph Football reports that in just two days. De Gea will be on the free agent market. Although Manchester United can sign him back after June 30, but as usual, bye and bye.  

The standpoint difference between the two sides has made it difficult to find an agreement. As United have requested a reduction in Dave’s wages from £375,000-a-week according to Ten Hag’s orders. 

The 32-year-old goalkeeper insists on staying the same figure as he is a player. Who has played for the club for over 12 years and deserves the honor of loyalty. UFABET

In the end, it is believed that the Spanish goalkeeper will leave Old Trafford to go gold in the Saudi Pro League. Which offers the best financial response at this time.

Unlike Heaton, although they have few chances to guard the pole. ETH chooses to keep them according to the remaining contract rights until the end of June 2024. 

As a result, the effort from the English Premier League newbies like. ‘The Hatters’ who wanted to get a veteran goalkeeper to control the door had to be broken. 

Finishing with Dean Henderson following a thigh muscle injury have to undergo surgery. Causing the second half of the 2022-23 season to go on loan to Forest to no avail 

  As for United ‘s new #1, it would end up being Inter Milan ‘s Andre Onana , valued at around £ 45m .