Man Utd player grades, Premier League games, home games

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Man Utd player grades, Premier League games, home games, down to 10 people, Southampton draw 0-0: Player Ratings.

Manchester United player ratings 

David De Gea – 7/10

Had to exert some saving force in this game. Especially Man Utd Walcott’s close stroke. Which was incredibly brush off.

Arin Wan-Bissaka – 7/10

The rhythmic game of hitting, hitting. And tackles can still be done precisely. There was a ball that was narrowly cut off the line. But today, passing the ball is quite easy to lose, Man Utd almost causing the team to lose many goals.

Raphael Varane – 7/10

Keeps dropping balls in the air many times, coordinating well with Martinez, helping the defensive game along the line when the back falls out of position.

Lisandro Martinez – 7.5/10

Use speed to deal with Southampton’s counter game well, have a beautiful rhythm, help the team many times.

Luke Shaw – 6/10

The game on the starboard side today still can’t do much. Was hit hard in the second half There are symptoms of fatigue. That can from continuously playing on the field in the past.

Casemiro – 6/10

Received a red card from the first half hour from the rhythm of lifting the foot, opening the button, hitting the full shin of Carlos Alcaraz.

Bruno Fernandes – 7/10

He controls the rhythm of the game in midfield. Backed down to stand low after the team had 10 people left, had a chance to spin from outside the box, unfortunately hitting the post.

Anthony – 5/10

There are some opportunities to play with the ball. But still can’t do anything very fragment. The more when there 10 players left. The more chances to get the ball even less.

Jadon Sancho – 5/10

There is hardly any creative rhythm in this game. Performance is relatively quiet. Not creating as many opportunities for the team as it should be

Marcus Rashford – 6/10

Have a chance to win from the back garden But today the finish is not sharp enough. Plus, in the second half, there is almost no stroke from dragging.

Wight Weghorst – 5/10

Still diligent chasing the ball in the middle of the field. But unfortunately. When the team has 10 people left, the news has to release to adjust the tactics.