Man United 0-0 Southampton: Collected after the Premier League game

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Man United 0-0 Southampton: Collected after the Premier League game, 10 Red Devils opened their home against Saints last night.

The red card changed the game.

It was absolutely undeniable that Casemiro’s red card in the 34th minute. Completely changed the face of the game. Which many people question whether such a stroke really deserves a red card or not? because even if the button is clearly raised But the intention was to enter Man United the ball. And hit the ball first and then slip the fall to hit Carlos Alcaraz by Anthony Taylor for a yellow card first.

But after running to see the picture from VAR therefore switched to giving a red card to the Samba midfielder instead. That made Manchester United ‘s game a clear second place. But fortunately they were able to resist until the end of 90 minutes and eventually divided the points.

10 people, the game immediately became even.

Of course, at the beginning of the game. When the players were still equal, Manchester United’s game was clearly superior. The visiting team could only defend deep and wait for the opportunity to counterattack. But when there are 10 people left, the game looks even more fun. Each side opens the game, openly attacking each other, exchanged back and forth, a type that has become a profit for football fans, from the original cheering comfortably to sitting in the chair to win each other minute by minute. But in the end, neither side could draw the score and ended the game with a scoreless draw.

saints are not sharp

After opening the game to exchange back and forth, it became Southampton where more players could find a rhythm to do that with more water. Which has to watch both the home team’s defensive line, including David de Gea. Who saved the team many times However, it must be blamed on the Saints’ offensive line as well. Which doesn’t seem to focus as much as it should, despite being able to create more chances. Including the opportunities that they have, they are not sharp enough. Which is no surprise that their bottom position in the table is undoubtedly due in part to their blind attacking game.

The standings remain unchanged for both teams.

One point for the Red Devils in this game is still enough to allow them to continue to rank 3 in the table. But on the other hand, the top teams all won. Which meant that they were chased by Spurs, the 4th ranked team, to 2 points left. As for the title race, not to mention. Because Arsenal also attack Fulham 0- 3 was left behind by 16 points. But Manchester United played less than 1 game, while Southampton 1 point still did not help them get out of the plum, but only 2 points away from the safety zone. With more than 12 games remaining. It seems that opportunities are still open to all teams and it’s really hard to predict who will the 3 relegate teams after this season.