Klopp took issue with his request for a resumption of the Spurs-Liverpool game.

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has called for a replay of their away game against Tottenham Hotspur after a mistake by VAR referees.

Klopp announced his readiness before the Europa League group stage game at Anfield to face Union Saint-Chillois. This Thursday The issue that is still of interest is the incident at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium UFABET

Luis Diaz’s shot was flagged offside by assistants on the field. Even though the Colombian wing didn’t advance. And from the audio recording of the referee team’s conversation. It was found to be a misunderstanding by Darren England, the VAR referee.

“This kind of thing has never happened. That’s why I think a rematch is the right thing to do.” Klopp commented on the timing of the problem. Asked whether the club would apply to the Premier League to officially request a resumption. Klopp said: “At this stage We still need to verify the information we have.”

“The tone of the conversation hasn’t changed at all. It was a clear mistake. There should be a solution for that. The result should be a rematch. But it might not happen.”

“These things shouldn’t have happened. Other errors Shouldn’t happen Find a way to deal with it.”

“We expedite and get decisions quickly. But it was a wrong decision.”

The BBC, an English media outlet understands that the Premier League has no opportunity to consider a new competition. It means that Klopp’s comments were not expected to be received.