Fulham 0-3 Arsenal: Issues after the Premier League game

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Fulham 0-3 Arsenal: Issues after the Premier League game, the big guns attack the magnates at home.

Arsenal pick up a fifth successive Premier League win and put them back five points clear of Manchester City with 11 games left to complete the season.

different quality

This game, Arsenal visited with them receiving good news with many previously. Injured players returning to the field. And when that happens, it’s enough to say. That this is the biggest set for them, which for the entire 90 minutes, only the first 15 minutes Fulham can play in their own way. But after that, they completely lost control of the game. even though some raids. But what they never got was the attacking game. Including their pressing that can’t stop the game of the visiting team at all. The more you play, the more you see today. They have too little momentum of their own. And that makes them losers in this game.

Leandro Trotsar and Hat-trick Assist

The Premier League has a player with the most assists per game at four, but Trotsar’s three assists in this game have been excellent with many effective crosses from the side. several times And he became the first team player to provide more than two assists per game this season.

Return of Jesus

It’s been three months since the Brazil international’s striker left the club with knee surgery. And this game ended waiting with a return to the field for the first time. And this will be a huge boost for the team as they have their striker back.