Safety of using olive oil.

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There are some proven benefits from using olive oil. But consumers should research information about olive oil and its possible side effects. You may consult a doctor or pharmacist before use. To prevent side effects on health later.

General consumers

  • Olive oil can be eaten. And does not cause harm if consumed in the appropriate amount, approximately 14% of calories consumed each day. Which is approximately 2 tablespoons/day (28 grams) and maximum at 1 liter/week.
  • Using just the right amount on the skin. Does not cause harm
  • Using on the skin Side effects may occur. It can be an allergic reaction or skin inflammation in some cases UFABET 

Those who should be especially careful

  • Pregnant and breastfeeding people : Although there is no evidence to prove the safety of using for pregnant and breastfeeding people. But consumers in this group should be careful when using olive oil. And do not consume more than the amount obtained from your diet.
  • Diabetic patients : May affect the reduction of blood sugar levels. Therefore, diabetics should  measure their blood sugar levels while using to prevent health problems from changes in blood sugar levels.
  • People who have undergone surgery : Because can affect the reduction of blood sugar levels. Which may affect health both during surgery and during the recovery period after surgery, patients should stop using for 2 weeks. Before undergoing surgery.